Welcome to Corfu and the Ionian information.

This site provides you with Corfu information and information about Kefalonia,

Epirus and other islands and resorts in the region.

We have tried to present you with a broad range of information about the region and hope to tempt you into visiting and exploring our part of the world.

We have lived and worked here for over 30 years and want to give you the benefit

of our local knowledge!

Great Explorations

Great views, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, medieval towns, historical churches, Venetian fortresses, religious processions. Islands in the sun, boat trips, walks, caves, mountains, rivers and lakes,

ancient Greek and Roman sites.    >>>more…


Try the wines, drinks and taste treats that are unique to Corfu, Kefalonia, the ionian and Epirus.    >>>more...

Eating out, entertainment and Clubbing

Where to eat out, beach BBQs, great bars and clubs, shows and other cool places.      >>>more…


All the best beaches in the region, great sandy family beaches, wild beaches, beaches with caves and beaches in need of exploration.                                                                            >>>more...


Archaeological museums, folklore museums, art galleries, museums of famous people.      >>>more...

Religious tourism

Churches, cathedrals, religious events, festivals, saints and traditions.                                                                                >>>more...

Things to do

Beach sports, golf, diving, boat rentals, aqua fun parks, casinos, bowling, horse riding, festivals, concerts,       >>>more...

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Great Explorations   |   Taste   |   Eating out, entertainment and Clubbing   |   Beaches   |   Museums   |   Religious tourism   |   Things to do


Great Explorations   |  Taste  |   Eating out, entertainment and Clubbing   |   Beaches   |   Museums   |   Religious tourism   |   Things to do

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